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Will there be a Waterfront Art Festival this year?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Mark July 24 and 25th in your calendar!

Image taken from the Waterfront Art Festival Facebook page


Webster, NY - A lot of events were thrown into a pit of confusion last year when COVID hit. Among them was the Waterfront Art Festival, which had to abruptly switch to a virtual format.

But as more people are vaccinated and COVID restrictions start to lift, will the Waterfront Art Festival be returning to North Ponds Park in Webster this year?

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According to the Town of Webster’s weekly newsletter, the Waterfront Art Festival is slated for July 24 and 25th. Whether the event will be held virtually or in-person is still unknown, as the festival’s website has not yet updated its information.

At this time, more details on this year’s festival are still to come; there is still the possibility that the event will be held virtually.

To stay updated with the latest festival news, visit their website or Facebook page.

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