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The Village of Webster had to cancel this year’s 9/11 ceremony, but that didn’t stop the community from remembering



Sadly, with COVID-19 still a risk, the VIllage of Webster had to cancel this year’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony, which typically takes place at Veterans Memorial Park.

So in its place, the Village invited the community via Facebook and its website to take a moment on Sept. 11 to “remember those lost in the attacks on our country 19 years ago and to honor the sacrifices of so many of our fellow Americans as they bravely responded with love and compassion in the face of evil.”

The Webster Fire Department also planned a short Moment of Silence/Remembrance the evening of 9/11 at their Station 1 on South Avenue. The West Webster Fire Department posted numbers of those lost in the attacks.

The Webster Police Department shared an emotional Facebook post as well, detailing memories of that day. Members of the community commented on the post with their own individual memories of where they were/what they were doing on that tragic day 19 years ago.

So just because people couldn’t physically gather this year to honor those lost in the 9/11 attacks, it certainly didn’t stop them from remembering them in their hearts.

Below is the 9/11 post shared by the Village on its Facebook page:

“The Village of Webster was sad to have canceled the public 9/11 remembrance this year at our Veterans’ Park. Historically, this event has been well attended, as it should be. The expected attendance would make it difficult to maintain the social distancing requirements set forth by the State. While it is true that other groups use our parks for events, it is up to those groups to manage the requirements for social distancing based upon the expected crowd size. We would never want to turn people away from a remembrance as important as this. The expected crowd size made that an almost certainty. Instead of turning folks away, the Village encouraged all in our community to individually remember and honor those lost on this day 19 years ago. Their unmistakable bravery in the face of unspeakable evil is what we continue to remember and honor each year. We are proud to have hosted this annual remembrance for the past 18 years, and look forward to the future when restrictions are lifted and the remembrance can be once again held with overflowing attendance.”
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