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Where is this Webster building?

A Webster History Mystery

Photo Courtesy of the Webster Museum


Are you ready for this month’s “History Mystery”?

The answer to last month’s History Mystery (What Is It Now? Private Bank and Jewelry & Gift Shop): Willard Scott Funeral Home, 12 South Avenue in the Village of Webster.

For this month’s “History Mystery,” read the hints below to see if you can guess where this Webster building is located (and what it is).

Mystery Hints

  • HINT #1: The history of Webster, New York (1800-present).

  • HINT #2: Treasured items from Webster's early settlers, photographs, costumes, and memorabilia from schools, community groups, and churches reflect the town's heritage.

Can you guess what building this is? Submit your guesses to editor@websteronlinenews.com or share your guesses in the comments below.

("History Mysteries" are put together with the help of the Webster Museum.)

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