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Where Are They?

A Webster History Mystery

These buildings were home to the very first Webster high school. (Photo Courtesy of the Webster Museum)


Are you ready for this month’s “History Mystery”?

(The answer to last month’s History Mystery: Citizens Bank now stands where the Corning House once stood.)

For this month’s “History Mystery,” read the historical background below describing the buildings in the photo and see if you can guess where they are in Webster!

Historical Background

The brick buildings in the photo were built in three different years: 1876, 1896, and 1906.

They are located somewhere in the Village of Webster. They once housed the very first Webster high school.

The high school eventually outgrew the space, so a new building was built across Sanford Street for the growing number of high school students.

In 1936, the Webster Masonic Lodge bought the old building. It was sold again in 1978 to the Rochester Academy of Performing Arts.

In late 1988, it was then sold to S.B. Properties, brothers and partners William and Raymond Sauke. These men converted the buildings into what they are today: 16 luxury apartments.

Can you guess where these buildings are? Submit your guesses to editor@websteronlinenews.com.

("History Mysteries" are put together with the help of the Webster Museum.)

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