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What Is It Now? The Candy Kitchen

A Webster History Mystery

The Candy Kitchen was opened in 1908. (Photo Courtesy of the Webster Museum)


Are you ready for this month’s “History Mystery”?

The answer to last month’s History Mystery (Name that Webster Building! - The cobblestone church): Webster Baptist Church.

For this month’s “History Mystery,” read the historical background below describing the building in the picture and see if you can guess what business resides there today!

Historical Background

The Candy Kitchen was opened in 1908 by Charles, Steve, and Harry Papapanu.

They sold candy, homemade ice cream, and soda.

Ice cream was made at the shop every Thursday.

In 1940, they started serving light lunches, such as sandwiches and fries.

Before home freezers, customers would stop by and pick up ice cream right before dinner to keep it from melting.

HINT: The Candy Kitchen was located on East Main Street in the Village of Webster.

Can you guess what business now stands where the Candy Kitchen once stood? Submit your guesses to editor@websteronlinenews.com or share your guesses in the comments below.

("History Mysteries" are put together with the help of the Webster Museum.)

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