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What Is It Now? Mason Hall & Hawley General Store

A Webster History Mystery

Photo Courtesy of the Webster Museum


Are you ready for this month’s “History Mystery”?

The answer to the last History Mystery (What Is It Now? The Stagecoach Inn): The Coach Sports Bar at 19 W. Main Street in the Village of Webster.

For this month’s “History Mystery,” read the historical background of this building to see if you can guess what it is today.

Historical Background

It was once a store built by the Mason family. One of the sons took down the building and built a new one: Mason Hall.

Meetings and elections were held on the second floor.

The third floor was called the "Opera House"; people came to listen to musicals and inspirational speakers.

Next door, the Hawley Store sold groceries, paint, cigars, and hardware such as nails, nuts, and bolts.

The building was later sold to G.H. Witmer, who also ran a store there.

Can you guess what building this is today? Submit your guesses to editor@websteronlinenews.com or share your guesses in the comments below.

("History Mysteries" are put together with the help of the Webster Museum.)

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