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Webster Town Supervisor switches parties

Flaherty is now enrolled as a Republican

Image: Monroe County Republican Committee Facebook page


Webster, NY - Webster Town Supervisor Tom Flaherty is now a Republican, after having won the 2020 supervisor election as a Democrat.

The Monroe County Republican Committee made the announcement on Facebook.

“Webster Supervisor Tom Flaherty announced today his enrollment as a Republican and his intentions to seek the Webster Republican Committee's support for his 2021 reelection bid,” the committee posted on Dec. 7.

Flaherty had won the 2020 supervisor election against longtime incumbent Ronald Nesbitt, who ran on the Republican ticket, as a Democrat.

Flaherty was originally a Republican before switching to Democrat. He is now back to his home party.

“My number one priority is serving the residents and taxpayers of Webster while delivering the highest quality of life for our town,” Flaherty said in the committee’s official press release. “The Town Board’s partnership has convinced me that governing is a team sport and that returning to the Republican Party is the right decision for my constituents and me.”

“As Webster Town Republican Leader, it will be my honor to nominate Tom Flaherty for the designation as the Republican candidate for town supervisor in 2021,” Peter Elder stated.

Flaherty made sure not to burn any bridges with the Webster Democratic Committee in his official statement.

“On this day of new beginnings, I would be remiss if I did not thank Sasha DiMaria, leader of the Webster Democratic Committee,” Flaherty stated in the release. “Her measured, calm demeanor as a leader is something [for which] I have the utmost respect. She has two characteristics I treasure most in a person I work with: integrity and work ethic. Those two characteristics are not the domain of any particular political party.”

Webster Democrats who voted for Flaherty may not be thrilled with the supervisor’s party switch. How they will respond is yet to be seen. Flaherty was already on thin ice with local Democrats after writing a controversial column back in October regarding “Black Lives Matter” protests.

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