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Webster Town Justice admonished for delaying decisions in six cases

Town Board agrees with state’s decision



Webster Town Justice David T. Corretore has been admonished by the state for failing to render decisions in six small claims matters in a timely manner. The NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct made the decision on June 22.

Corretore has been a Webster judge for 32 years with an otherwise spotless record. Admonishment is the lowest level of punishment - a simple slap on the wrist - by the Commission.

The claims that Corretore prolonged should have received rendered judgment within 30 days. According to reports, Corretore delayed his decisions for six claims anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Corretore has expressed full agreement with the Commission’s decision.

“The filing of the complaint was appropriate. The investigation was appropriate. The sanction was appropriate. I have nothing to complain about,” Corretore said in a statement and letter to the editor.

The Webster Town Board issued a statement regarding the state’s decision, stating that the Webster Town Court has implemented a new case tracking system “to ensure decisions are rendered in a timely manner for all future matters.”

The Webster Town Board says it agrees with the Commission’s decision.

“We trust that [the] respondent, who has had an otherwise unblemished record during his nearly 32 years on the bench, will diligently discharge his duties in the future.”

Corretore has been a Webster Town Justice since 1988. His current term expires December 31, 2023. He says he will not be running for re-election.

“If there is a bright spot in any of this, it is my hope that this advance notice will give the best possible candidates for the position time to prepare themselves for this job,” states Corretore. “The people of the Town of Webster deserve nothing less than the very best.”

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