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Webster Town Board denies senior housing project

Residents voiced their strong opposition to the proposed development at Publishers Parkway



Webster, NY - The Webster Town Board has denied a developer’s application to establish a Progressive Development Overlay District (PDD) at 875 Publisher’s Parkway for a proposed senior housing project. The development would have consisted of 24.37 acres of land used for 194 units of senior housing.

The Board made the decision after a public hearing on Feb. 4 revealed that a significant number of residents opposed the project.

Over a dozen Webster residents voiced their disapproval of the project for a number of reasons, the main concerns being traffic, green space, and visual impacts.

“The traffic from both schools located there is horrendous as it is,” said Rachael Palmiero. She added, “We have enough senior living facilities in the area - keep the land green. Wildlife has nowhere to go at this point.”

“Please, enough with the building,” said Samantha Swan. “It’s not necessary for the people or the planet. Enough greed. Enough wealth. Webster is one of the few Rochester suburbs that is still beautiful.”

“This once quaint Town of Webster has lost its charm,” said Cori Gaffney. “...What happened to all the beautiful green space?”

The Town Board members echoed these concerns. They agreed with the traffic issue and noted that the project was too big for the proposed property.

That being said, the Board mentioned that, since the property is not designated as green space land, there will likely be a different development built there at some point in the future.

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