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Webster’s stolen vehicle issues continue

Webster PD: “We need your help”



Webster, NY - The Webster Police Department continues to receive reports of stolen vehicles.

“Since our last post on this topic, we have had two more vehicles stolen,” Webster PD stated in a Facebook post on June 11.

Webster PD says the incidents seem to be concentrated in the Village of Webster, “but there is a possibility of connections to crimes outside the Village of Webster.”

The commonality across each theft is unattended vehicles left running with the keys in the ignition, according to Webster PD.

“The owner of the car leaves the car in a parking lot (store or apartment complex), or in a street parking spot,” states Webster PD. “The suspect gets into the vehicle and drives away.”

Webster PD warns Webster residents to be on the lookout for anyone loitering in parking lots or on sidewalks who may (or may not) be wearing a face covering of some sort and/or gloves.

“We understand this is not particularly helpful since many folks are still wearing masks due to COVID concerns,” writes Webster PD.

Residents are advised to turn off their vehicles, take their keys with them, and lock their vehicles when going into a store or stopping someplace for an errand.

Webster PD states, “We are following all leads to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators.”

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