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Webster’s ‘Honey Man’ survives car crash

His Facebook followers expressed their support during his recovery

Photo Courtesy of Honey Man Facebook group


Webster, NY - Webster’s beloved “Honey Man” is doing well, much to the relief of his dedicated fanbase.

Nearly two weeks ago, Mike Shtengrat of Webster (AKA, the “Honey Man”), 75, was involved in a two-vehicle crash on Route 250. A dump truck had rear-ended his van, which caused the Honey Man’s van to overturn several times, according to news reports.

The Honey Man miraculously walked away with only minor injuries. He was already back to tending his bees and selling his honey only days after the crash.

“Honey Man sends many, many thank-yous for all of your well-wishes! He was released from the hospital a while ago with no major injuries besides some bruising and a small foot laceration. He was very fortunate and credits his guardian angel for looking after him. He is currently up and walking about, despite my best efforts to try to convince him to take it easy for a few days. He just wants to go back to tend to the bees, which brings him strength and happiness,” his son Yaro Shtengrat shared with the Honey Man’s fans on Facebook following the accident.

The Honey Man is a local celebrity, known for setting up his stand and selling his honey in various high-traffic places throughout the Webster/Penfield community. When they spot him, people often share his location on the Facebook page dedicated to the Honey Man.

Photo Courtesy of Honey Man Facebook group

Some people wanted to set up a fundraising effort for the Honey Man following the accident.

“While Honey Man understands everyone’s sentiment and is more appreciative than he can ever express, he asks that people not set up any fundraising accounts at this time. Instead, get some honey when he is back out. Thank you all very much!” his son wrote.

In another update following the incident, the Honey Man’s son wrote: “Just talked to the Honey Man―he is doing well. Woke up a bit sore here and there, but other than that, [he is] glad to see another day. He is currently trying to collect any unbroken jars of honey that were in the van. The good news is that some honey bees have discovered the van in the tow yard and are very busy cleaning up the motherload. The van is literally full of them working diligently―my dad says they hit the bee lottery!”

Shtengrat comes from a family of Ukraine immigrants. He speaks in broken English―one of many traits that make the Honey Man so endearing to the community.

Following the Honey Man’s car accident, his Facebook following jumped from 1,700 members to over 2,000 in just three days, according to Facebook posts on the page.

“Got my honey! Finally met him after all this time! Wanted to ask him how to say ‘nice to meet you’ in Ukrainian but I forgot. I’ll have to find out and practice for next time,” wrote one new Honey Man customer.

“Omg what a cutie! I need to get some honey. What time will he be out? I’ve never done this before!” wrote another new Honey Man customer after hearing about the crash and seeing the Honey Man’s picture with his honey stand.

“I hope he brings a lot of honey because he is definitely going to sell out today! It will be a beautiful [sight] to see him sitting at his stand on the corner, especially after what could have been a tragic outcome,” wrote one Facebook follower.

“Happy to hear nothing [is] keeping him down… and he wasn’t [seriously] hurt,” wrote another follower.

So if you’re out and about and happen to see the Honey Man, be sure to tell him you’re glad he’s doing well. (And buy a mason jar of honey, of course!)

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