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Webster PD reopens pharmaceutical disposal bin, brings back non-criminal fingerprinting services

WPD’s property clerk has already come across some uniquely inappropriate items in the bin

The pharmaceutical disposal bin is located in the lobby of the Webster Police Department.


The Webster Police Department has officially reopened its pharmaceutical disposal bin, which is located in the department’s lobby behind Webster Town Hall. With this returned service, while it is a useful service for the community, the department has encountered some unique challenges.

According to WPD Public Information Officer Gretchen O’Dea, some people have been dropping off items that are on the department’s list of “Not OKs” for the bin. Some have even dropped off items that many wouldn’t even think the department should have to specify as “not okay.”

For instance, O’Dea said people often drop off loose pills, syringes and needle pens, liquids, inhalers, and other prohibited items. These are typical things that WPD has on its “Not OK” list on Facebook.

On one occasion, O’Dea said WPD’s property clerk found a urine drainage bag in the bin.

Especially with COVID-19 still posing a threat to people’s health, a bag of urine is particularly troubling to have to handle.

“Certain items are prohibited because those items endanger the health and safety of our property clerk, whose responsibility it is to empty the pharm bin,” said O’Dea.

The risk of spreading potential contamination is even higher in that an armed, on-duty police officer always escorts the property clerk whenever she empties the bin, O’Dea adds.

“Therefore, prohibited items in the pharm bin also threaten the health and safety of our officers,” O’Dea said.

“We would really appreciate it if people followed the rules pertaining to the acceptable and non-acceptable items for disposal.”

A list of accepted and not accepted items for the bin, which is also posted on the Webster Police Department’s Facebook page, are as follows:

Medications Accepted:

  • Prescription medications, prescription patches, and prescription ointments

  • Over-the-counter medications

  • Vitamins

  • Sample

  • Medications for pets

Not Accepted

  • Needles (sharps)

  • Syringes

  • Thermometers

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Inhalers

  • Aerosol cans

  • Ointments, lotions, or liquids

  • Medication from businesses or clinics

No loose pills are accepted, and medications must be placed inside a plastic bag for drop off, or in the original containers.

In addition to its pharmaceutical disposal bin, the Webster Police Department is once again offering non-criminal fingerprinting services. Of course, people are required to wear face masks upon entering the building.

Everyone is also required to use hand sanitizer before being fingerprinted.

The cost for fingerprinting, according to O’Dea, is $25 cash or check (no credit/debit cards). She says the department has fingerprint cards for $5 each if people do not have their own.

Fingerprinting is available Monday-Friday anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. People can call the department’s Records staff at (585) 872-1216 and one of the clerks will provide a walk-through of the process.

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