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Webster CSD to reopen on Sept. 10

Some students will be learning 100% online vs. the hybrid, in-person option



School districts across Monroe County have been trying to determine the best way to continue teaching their students come the start of the school year in September.

Among them is Webster Central School District, which, after administering a survey to parents across all of its schools, has opted to offer 100% online instruction for those parents who have made that choice, as well as a hybrid, in-person instruction model for families who still want their children to interact with teachers face-to-face.

Shortly after New York State initiated a statewide quarantine due to the coronavirus, school districts were forced to transition 100% of their curriculum to virtual instruction. As the quarantine slowly lifts and more places open up, districts have been trying to decide the best course of action to keep students healthy while also offering quality instruction.

According to a letter by Webster CSD Superintendent Carmen Gumina, written on August 14, approximately 11% of Webster students will receive 100% remote instruction during the fall. That decision, according to Gumina, is binding for the first semester until January 2021, at which time parents can choose to switch to in-person instruction.

For parents who either did not complete the survey or who made the choice to do so, students will be placed in a group for in-person hybrid instruction and assigned a bus route.

According to the superintendent’s letter, it seems that hybrid, in-person instruction will involve balancing students in groups, as in a.m. vs. p.m. and Mon./Thurs. vs. Tues./Fri.

“Per Governor Cuomo’s recent request to all NYS districts to hold three reopening plan information sessions for parents, we actually went ahead with six (we tend to be overachievers!) earlier this week,” Gumina writes. “More than 2,200 parents participated and asked nearly 4,000 questions that our team did our best to answer.”

Videos of those information sessions are available for viewing on the district’s website at www.websterschools.org/districtpage.cfm?pageid=1906

In addition, Gumina announced that the Chromebook Repair Center is now open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9-11 a.m. at the back of Willink Middle School.

“I also ask that all parents/guardians work with your child(ren) on the proper way to wear a mask - covering their whole mouth and nose,” Gumina continues. “We can’t argue with the science that masking helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus and is a critical piece to our reopening plan. Thanks in advance for helping us prepare your kids for the new year.”

He concludes, “I am beyond excited to see your kids this fall, whether that’s in person or on a Google meeting. There is still much to do, but I’m grateful to our #OneWebsterFamily as we work together for a safe start of a new school year.”

Gumina’s full letter can be found via the district’s website at www.websterschools.org/districtpage.cfm?pageid=1851

The fall semester officially begins on September 10.

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