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WCSD superintendent comments on events at the Capitol

Gumina: ‘...the result of focusing on our differences instead of embracing our similarities’



Webster, NY - Webster Central School District Superintendent Carmen Gumina made some comments regarding the events that took place in Washington, D.C. at the Capitol building last week in an online update to district families.

“My feelings went from: ‘This is unreal,’ to ‘We're better than this,’ and then to ‘We need to make sure we all feel safe, secure, and valued today and all days,’” Gumina wrote on Jan. 7 of his initial reaction to the event.

Last week, Donald Trump supporters protested outside the Capitol building in D.C. to voice their opposition to the results of the U.S. presidential election. The protesters swarmed the Capitol, pushing through police barriers. Some were hurt, some were killed, and some were arrested. And many people - from both sides - were afraid.

Gumina looked to the events at the Capitol as a call to be more attentive to children’s feelings of safety.

“It is imperative that your children feel as if they have a protected space to share their feelings and beliefs, and that space extends beyond the walls of their homes to the campuses across our district,” Gumina writes.

He adds, “Actually, this sense of security and value includes not only our kids but all of us throughout our community. The events that we all witnessed... are the result of focusing on our differences instead of embracing our similarities and respectfully valuing and discussing perspectives that may not be exactly the ones we hold. Truly listening to others, including those with differing perspectives, is a skill that is underrated.”
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