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Village of Webster proceeds with SPDES application, forms steering committee

Both moves allow the Village to pursue either one of two alternatives

An aerial view of the Town of Webster wastewater treatment plant. (Photo Credit: Town of Webster, NY Facebook page)


Webster, NY - The Webster Village Board passed a resolution on Sept. 24 authorizing LaBella Associates to commence work on a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit for the Village Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Board previously decided to move forward with applying for the permit with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), which is required if the Village decides to pursue its own upgrades instead of consolidating with the Town’s sewer treatment plant.

Earlier in September, the Webster Village Board of Trustees also passed a resolution authorizing the consolidation of the Village Wastewater Treatment Plant with the Town of Webster, conditioned on the execution of an acceptable inter-municipal agreement (IMA) between the two entities.

The Village is forming a steering committee to further discuss the option to create a joint, regional plant with the Town.

These actions position the Village so that it will be prepared for either route (i.e. either an independent plant or a joint plant) once a decision is finally made.

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