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True or False?

Town of Webster attempts to dispel Facebook rumors



Webster, NY - Whether it’s nationwide or within a small community, fake news is everywhere. But sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the information dubbed “fake news” actually IS fake news.

The Town of Webster has recently shared a post on social media attempting to dispel some common “Facebook rumors” being spread throughout the community. Below is a “true or false” list of information for rumors (according to the Town’s social media post) related to the following topics: The former lumber yard on Holt Road and the flag recently placed at the Webster sign by the Bay Bridge.

Former Lumber Yard on Holt Road

According to the Town of Webster:

  • True: The property is still for sale.

  • True: Current owners are removing the existing buildings to clean up the property.

  • False: It will be a roller disco and there are no current proposals for that land.

To follow all current town projects, residents can go to: ci.webster.ny.us/605/Current-Construction-Projects

Flag Placed at the Webster Sign By the Bay Bridge

People have wondered where the flag came from that was placed at the site where the Webster sign is located by the Bay Bridge, and also why there hadn’t been a flag there in the first place. It would seem that a Webster resident had placed the flag at the sign last month. According to the Town of Webster:

  • True: Decades ago, the Webster Chamber of Commerce sought and was granted approval from the NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) to plant bushes and create the stone-scape.

  • True: When the Chamber originally applied to the NYS DOT for the permit, it included a flagpole and flag.The flag and pole were eradicated by NYS because, to display the U.S. flag, it must be taken down by sunset or illuminated at night. Since that site has no electricity, the NYS DOT said: “No flag.”

  • False: The flag and pole placed at the site last month was done by the Chamber or the Town

  • False: The flag and pole were in compliance with the current NYS permit.

  • True: The Chamber is currently looking into the feasibility of a permanent flagpole at that site.

It is likely that the Town of Webster will continue posting any “rumor clarifications” on its social media pages. So keep a lookout!

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