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Fresh out of TP?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Where to get toilet paper in Webster/Rochester, online


Ya gotta go when you gotta go. Unfortunately, during a coronavirus pandemic, when most people are staying quarantined at home, that means toilet paper is getting harder to come by. And due to people stocking up in bulk, stores are already running low on toilet paper supply.

But there is hope. Here are some places where you may still be able to snag some toilet paper in Webster and Rochester:

  • Hegedorns Market (964 Ridge Road, Webster), with new daily store hours 7 a.m.-10 p.m., is doing its best to stay stocked on essential items. Call them at (585) 671-4450 to check on their toilet paper supply. They also may limit shoppers in how much toilet paper they can buy to mitigate distribution.

  • Target (1050 Ridge Road, Webster) is working hard to stay stocked on essentials as well, and is dedicating more spaces in its parking lot for Drive Up services. The company is also stacking its staff for in-demand, same-day services such as Drive Up and Order Pickup. As with all retail stores during this time of crisis, call ahead to make sure the essentials you need are in stock: (585) 216-3000.

  • CVS Pharmacy (Ridge Road and Empire Boulevard), though struggling to keep their shelves stocked due to high demand, is still a possible hub for getting your toilet paper supply. Shoppers can shop Instacart for same-day delivery: https://delivery.cvs.com

  • Wegmans (900 Holt Road, Webster), with new store hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., is keeping its shelves stocked, but is limiting toilet paper (among other essential items) to a 1-item purchase limit.

  • Walgreens (1125 Ridge Road, Webster) is allowing customers to purchase additional products through its pharmacy drive-thru, including toilet paper products. Customers should call ahead to make sure the store has toilet paper in stock: (585) 872-0690.

  • Olindo’s Cash and Carry (1510 Lyell Avenue, Rochester), according to the Democrat & Chronicle, has a large supply of toilet paper at 69 cents a roll.

  • BJ’s Wholesale (950 Ridge Road, Webster) may have toilet paper stocked as well. Give them a call to check in with their supply: (585) 787-2400.

  • Amazon.com (for those who can afford to wait) also offers toilet paper in bulk, though deliveries may be delayed due to high demand.

***PLEASE NOTE: Due to the frequent, hourly changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the above information may be outdated by the time you read it. To be certain of the accessibility and stock of these stores/companies, please check with each location prior to venturing out to visit them.***

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