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Town of Webster January Recap

A review of regular Webster Town Board meetings



Is it February already??

Before we get knee-deep into the first half of the year, I think it’s worth reviewing what is already taking place within your Webster Town Government one month into 2021. Specifically, conversations at regular meetings of the Webster Town Board that took place in January.

Regular Town Board meetings take place the first and third Thursday of every month. Here’s a rundown of what was discussed at the Jan. 7 and Jan. 21 Webster Town Board meetings.

Jan. 7

As you know, Joseph Rieger officially retired as the Webster Chief of Police mid-January. Lieutenant Brad Fosdick was selected as the interim Chief of Police as of Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The Town Board passed a resolution authorizing the Town of Webster to enter into Inter Municipal Agreements and funding with Monroe County for the 2021 STOP DWI Program. This authorization is an annual resolution. The STOP DWI Agreement is in effect until Dec. 31, 2021; funds to receive $7,752.58.

There is also a CRACK DOWN STOP DWI program that runs from Oct. 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021, to receive $4,111.00 annually.

The Town Board approved a license agreement allowing the Arbor Creek Development entrance sign to be located within the town right-of-way.

The Town Board passed a resolution approving the renewal of the permit for the Sunset Valley Trailer Park for the calendar year 2021. This renewal is an annual resolution.

Another annual resolution, the Town Board authorized the town supervisor to sign an agreement with Monroe Veterinary Associates/Animal Hospital of Pittsford for services through Dec. 31, 2021.

The Town Board passed a resolution to solicit bids for Preventative Maintenance and Service of HVAC equipment at town facilities, advertised on Jan. 13, 2021. (Really exciting, right?)

The Town Board passed a resolution to solicit bids for the Procurement and Installation of new HVAC equipment at the Webster Public Library, advertised on January 13, 2021. (Another thriller…)

The Town Board passed a resolution to rescind Resolution #333 that scheduled a Public Hearing to enact a local law permitting a Town of Webster Engineer to reside anywhere in Monroe County or in an adjoining County within New York State. Currently, Town Law dictates that the person must reside within the Town of Webster.

(To clarify: the resolution only CANCELED the PUBLIC HEARING for now. This does NOT mean the Town Board is simply proceeding in enacting the local law without the public’s input.)

Jan. 21

Did you know that long-time Webster Town Highway Superintendent Joe Herbst is retiring at the end of February? The Town Board briefly praised Mr. Herbst for his years of service at the Jan. 21 Town Board meeting. (More to come on Mr. Herbst’s retirement in future posts.)

The Town Board scheduled a public hearing for Feb. 4, 2021 regarding the establishment of a Progressive Development Overlay District (PDD) at 875 Publisher's Parkway to allow for senior housing in an O-P District. The area consists of 24.6 acres located on the south side of Publisher’s Parkway, west of Hard Road, and north of State Route 104.

The Board could also make a referral of the project to the Planning Board.

The Town Board emphasized that the development is NOT a “done deal.” The Board needs to approve the PDD prior to the public hearing.

If the PDD is granted, then the developer would apply for a Special Use Permit for senior housing.

The Town Board passed a resolution approving the General Orders of the Special Police of the Town of Webster.

Barry Barone was appointed chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals for a 1-term ending 2021.

The Town Board passed a resolution for Highway Law 284 to spend Highway funds in 2021. Law 284 is the Highway Law that authorizes the superintendent to expend funds in Highway repairs and maintenance. (Expenditures for Highway repairs and maintenance are already included in the Town Budget.)

“Repairs and maintenance,” in this case, include chip sealing, crack sealing, patching, tree removal, gutters, etc; the “nuts and bolts” of maintaining the roads themselves. (Leaf pickup and snow operations NOT included.)

The said Highway funds for road repair and maintenance total $2,038,044. If needed, the superintendent may request a budget amendment for unexpected incidents that may require more roadwork.

Finally, the Town Board passed a resolution for an application for an Industrial Use Permit for PackRat, a storage container business seeking to relocate to Boulter Industrial Park in Webster.

Of course, conversations at the aforementioned meetings do not include what was discussed at Webster Town Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals meetings. But don’t worry: a January recap of those meetings is forthcoming.

There will also be a recap of Webster Village Board meetings throughout the month of January. So stay tuned!

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