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Town considers rezoning 230 Salt Road lands to R3

Public hearing ongoing through May 6



Webster, NY - The Town of Webster held a public hearing on April 15 regarding the proposed rezoning of 230 Salt Road lands from R2 to R3. Common concerns expressed included the addition of more development in Webster and increased traffic and noise in the area.

The land in question consists of 70 acres. Currently, the land is zoned R2.

The Proposed Development

The developer, Richard Battisti of Forest Creek Equity, wants to build a housing development consisting of 79 lots under R3. The developer is not requesting cluster development and wants to stick with conventional zoning.

Rezoning from R2 to R3 means the allotment of 28,000 square-foot lots would decrease to 22,000 square-foot lots. Lots would have the same width of 100 feet, but a depth of 220 feet versus 280 feet. R3 would also allow the ability to adjust lot sizes.

Home sizes within the development would range within the $300,000 price range.

Sketches show a tree line on the property along the east boundary line.

The Webster Public’s Concerns

While most residents at the hearing approved of the rezoning from R2 to R3, they were more or less against the concept of any development on the property period.

Mark Depaolis, who lives directly across the street from the open spot, is concerned about the increased traffic and the overall effect on the population for the schools in the area. He is in favor of the R3 rezoning, but does not like the idea of looking across the street into someone else’s backyard.

Dean Beh, one of two residents to express this concern at the hearing, worries about the effect the development will have on the water near his property. With the addition of lawns and roads, he worries the water flow would increase.

Walt Baker, the engineer speaking on behalf of the developer, said there will be on-site detention facilities to regulate water to prevent it from leaving the site.

Jessica Beh told the Town Board that she was sad to see so many developments coming into the area. She said the reason she loved living on Salt Road was because she didn’t want to live in a development. She too expressed concern about the increase in noise and traffic, but said she is in favor of rezoning to R3, “If that’s where we have to be.”

A caller echoed Beh’s concerns about the effect on traffic, noise, and the environment.

The Supervisor’s Opinion

Webster Town Supervisor Flaherty voiced his approval of the rezoning.

“The R3 zone change will create a better product for the neighbors for green space for everybody than the R2,” the supervisor stated.

He added, “The bottom line on this one is, if this ends up going through, the sketch plan...between the R3, with 22,000 square foot lots and more buffering around the perimeter of the acreage, is much better for green space, buffering and the neighbors than the R2.”

The Public Hearing is Still Open

The public hearing is remaining “open” through May 6, allowing residents more time to reach out to the town via the town website, email, phone calls, or in-person meetings with any thoughts or concerns. Residents may also attend the May 6 meeting in-person with their comments. More information on how to participate is available on the town website.

Click Here to view the sketches for the proposed development.

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