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'To the Core Pilates' opens in Towne Center Plaza

By Webster on the Web

Photo Courtesy of Missy Rosenberry


Now, I’m no stranger to working out. I walk, run, do a little weightlifting, a little yoga. But Pilates? Had no clue what it was. So when I sat down for a chat the other day with Erin Ferrante, owner of the new To the Core Pilates studio, I thought I should let her know that right off the bat.

To her credit, she didn’t laugh, or even giggle. On the contrary, she assured me that’s not unusual; a lot of people around here don’t know much about Pilates.

I came to realize that that example of non-judgmental acceptance pretty much sums up Erin’s approach to her new business and the people who walk through her door: everyone is welcome, no matter what shape you’re in or where you are in your fitness goals.

Even if you know nothing about Pilates.

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