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The things people will flush...

Village of Webster urges residents to NOT flush these items…


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The Village of Webster shared an urgent “Sewer Warning” on Facebook recently, reminding residents to ONLY flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Apparently, some people have been flushing a variety of other products and the clogged result is not pretty…

A common product people tend to flush down the toilet are wipes. Even “flushable” wipes should NOT be flushed, says the Village of Webster.

The village shared the picture below, which is an example of what “flushable” wipes do to a pump in a sewer pump station.


“If the pumps cannot do their job because they are clogged with wipes, the sewers WILL BACK UP INTO HOMES,” the village said in its post. “This is NOT what you want to find when you walk into your bathroom.”

Cue the example photo below:


Below is a list of products the village says should NOT be flushed:

  • Cleaning wipes

  • Baby wipes

  • “Flushable” wipes

  • Paper towels

  • Rags

  • Grease oils

  • Cooking oils

“These products, contrary to some of their labels, are NOT FLUSHABLE and WILL clog the sewer system and WILL cause BACKUPS INTO YOUR HOMES,” the village stressed in its post.

The Town of Webster issued a similar warning not long ago, reminding residents to flush only human waste and toilet paper.

“With or without the additional threat of COVID-19. No one wants their own, let alone all of their neighbor’s RAW SEWAGE flooding into their home,” the village’s warning stated. “It is imperative that you do not flush these products. Many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover sewer backups. You could be on your own to cover the expense of the clean up or have to clean it up yourself.”

“Help keep our employees and your families safe from backups. DON’T FLUSH ANYTHING down the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper.”

Flush responsibly, Webster.

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