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SHAPE America names Plank South a top 10 fundraising school

The Webster elementary school raised over $12,000 through the health. moves. minds. program

Plank South admins taped to a wall for health. moves. minds. (Photo Courtesy of the Webster Central School District Website


Webster, NY - Webster’s Plank Road South Elementary School was recently named one of the top fundraising schools for SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds. program in 2020-21.

Plank South raised $12,238.11 through the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) program, and then donated 25% of those funds to the American Heart Association of Rochester.

The health. moves. minds. program is an educational service-learning program, providing schools with free lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that help students thrive physically and emotionally, according to the Webster Central School District (WCSD) online news release. The program was created as a response to the growing number of students (at all grade levels) struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges throughout the country.

“We appreciate that Plank Road South Elementary is a leader in our health. moves. minds. community, as well as their local community,” Stephanie Jumps, SHAPE America’s senior manager of community initiatives and social impact, stated in the online news release. “Teaching students how to take care of their mind and body, while also being kind and helping others, will serve them throughout their lifetime.”

For more information about the health. moves. minds. Program, visit healthmovesminds.org.

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