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Protestors chant 'Blue Lives Matter' in Webster

The protest follows a series of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in Webster earlier this month

Photo Credit: Anna Hubbel


Webster, NY - About 20 people waved black, white, and blue signs and flags in a “Blue Lives Matter” protest at the corner of Hard and Ridge roads last Thursday.

The protest took place after a series of “Black Lives Matter” protests were held in Webster earlier this month.

On Oct. 12, Webster police, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and New York State police intervened at one of said “Black Lives Matter” protests, arresting two women for disorderly conduct. Protestors were outraged at what they believe was an overkill reaction.

“Black Lives Matter” protestors took the protest to the Webster Police Department parking lot the following day, which resulted in a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy arresting a man for an outstanding warrant. That warrant was later discovered to have the incorrect date due to a clerical error. So protestors faced off with police in the City of Rochester to demand the man’s release.

“Black Lives Matter” advocates have since spoken out, claiming that the police continue to misuse their authority.

In response, “Blue Lives Matter” protestors took to the area where the arrests of the two women occurred on Hard and Ridge to voice their support of their local police departments.

“Blue Lives Matter!”

“All Lives Matter!”

“Jesus made us all the same!”

These were just a couple of the chants the protestors called out as cars drove by, honking their horns. Some honked in support, while others honked in disagreement.

The protestors also held up signs that said, “Back the Blue” and “United We Stand.”

The editor of Webster Online only witnessed a portion of the “Blue Lives Matter” protest, so it is unknown at this time if there were any altercations. There have been no reports of police arriving on scene at this particular protest.

Earlier this month, the Webster town supervisor published a controversial column, stating that a “Black Lives Matter” protest that took place outside Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley’s home in Webster was “not the proper venue.” The column spurred a massive debate between the “Black Lives Matter” community and people who support the supervisor’s comments.

Some people have been calling for the supervisor’s resignation.

Are you a “Black Lives Matter” supporter, and were you offended by this protest? Or did you or someone you know participate in this protest, and are you an active “Blue Lives Matter” advocate? Webster Online wants to hear from all voices on either side of the issue. Please feel free to Contact Webster Online and specify whether you want to submit a “letter to the editor” or comment on the record.

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