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Police arrest protestors in Webster

Webster PD says protestors were ‘blocking the flow of traffic’



Yet another “Black Lives Matter” protest took place in Webster earlier this week, and this time the police got involved.

Protestors tweeted videos of the experience, in which a swarm of police cars are seen at the intersection of Hard and Ridge roads, where the protest was taking place.

Officers from the Webster Police Department, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, and the New York State Police were there.

In a press release, WPD says during the protest, which started at approximately 3 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 12, some of the protestors were “repeatedly observed” in the roadway, blocking traffic flow.

“Webster Police Officers repeatedly instructed the protestors to stay on the sidewalk and out of the roadway,” says WPD. “These warnings were disregarded.”

WPD says they also received “many calls” from passing motorists who said they “were threatened by protestors, that protestors were distracting drivers, and that the protestors were in the roadway.”

Subsequently, at approximately 6 p.m., two protestors were arrested “for entering the roadway after repeated requests by police to stop this activity,” according to WPD.

“They created a dangerous situation, not only for passing motorists, but also for all of the protestors assembled in the area,” WPD states.

Megan Fallis, 21, of Rush, was arrested for Disorderly Conducted. She was issued an appearance ticket and released with her next court date in Webster Town Court.

Megan Pietropaoli, 23, of Rochester, was also arrested for Disorderly Conduct. She too was issued an appearance ticket and released with a court date in Webster Town Court.

In tweeted videos of the scene, many police officers are observed not wearing masks as they interact with protestors.

At one point in one of the videos, officers are seen taking a woman to a police car and searching her bag. It is unknown whether the woman observed in the video is one of the two people who were arrested.

“They just pulled up in droves and started arresting people,” the voice of the person recording one of the videos is heard saying. “Most of them don’t have masks on.”

Protestors can be heard angrily chanting in the background.

People have taken to the Webster Police Department Facebook page to either express their support and gratitude or express their anger towards the police for how they managed the situation.

“Another day we have to appreciate our WPD!” Doreen Brockler publicly commented on the Webster Police Department Facebook page. “Thank you to all of you for protecting and serving!”

“These comments praising WPD make me sick,” Mary Beardsley Myers publicly commented on the WPD Facebook page. “I was there. These protestors were on the sidewalk, not blocking traffic. Not doing anything wrong.”

This event occurred only days after the Webster town supervisor wrote a controversial column about a protest on Oct. 2 that took place outside of the Monroe County District Attorney's home in Webster.

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