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Patient thanks Webster first responders

The Webster Town Board recognized the first responders for their life-saving efforts

Carlos Ferreira and his wife Michelle (center) with the first responders who saved Carlos's life. (Photo Credit: www.westwebsterfd.org)


Webster, NY - At the town’s Nov. 19 board meeting, a patient and his family were able to thank Webster first responders in person for their life-saving efforts when the patient went into cardiac arrest last year.

Members from West Webster Fire and Ambulance, Northeast Quadrant ALS, and the Webster Police Department were recognized by the Webster Town Board for their response to this event.

It has been a full year since the first responders saved the patient’s life. The patient, Carlos Ferreira, and his wife Michelle attended the Webster Town Board Meeting to voice their gratitude in person.

Below is a detailed description of what happened that day (as posted by the West Webster Fire Department on their website):

“West Webster, Northeast Quadrant ALS, and Webster Police responded to Royal Sunset Way on 11/17/2019 for a person with cardiac issues. First arriving police officer Sergeant Sam States recognized that the [patient] was in cardiac arrest and immediately began life-saving measures between performing high-quality CPR and using an AED. Northeast Quadrant Paramedic/Deputy Chief Matt Lloyd arrived onscene and continued with life-saving measures. West Webster Ambulance with EMT Chris Devlin and EMT Caleb Stamler arrived and began to assist. FF Cam Antonelli, Lt. Jim Kommeth, Captain Brian Zimmer, and Northeast Quadrant Paramedic/Deputy Chief Julie Jordan arrived on scene and assisted with these life-saving measures by utilizing TEAM CPR. After approximately 25 minutes, the [patient] gained a pulse and was immediately transported to Rochester General Hospital.”

Michelle spoke on behalf of Carlos to publicly thank the Webster first responders who saved her husband’s life.

“Due to the heroic efforts of your team, my husband's life was saved,” Michelle said in a statement shared with the first responders. “He certainly has had many hurdles to overcome, but continues to make progress. So thank you so much! All of you! For all you do for the community and families in need.”

She added, “During these stressful times, we thought some good news would put a smile on some of your faces!"

The first responders who received certificates for their efforts from the Webster Town Board are:

  • Webster PD Officer Sam States

  • NEQ Paramedics Deputy Chief Matt Lloyd and Deputy Chief Julie Jordan

  • West Webster - NEQ EMT Chris Devlin and Driver Caleb Stamler, EMT

  • West Webster FFs - Cameron Antonelli, Lt. James Kommeth, and Capt. Brian Zimmer

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