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New scam involves a caller posing as a Webster Police Officer

The caller uses the Webster PD’s administrative phone number and the name of a real officer



The Webster Police Department is warning residents of a new phone scam in which a person identifies himself as a Webster Police Officer asking for money to resolve a “social security number issue.”

A Penfield resident was recently the victim of this scam, reporting that the call came from what appeared to be the Webster PD’s administrative number (585-872-1216). The caller even identified himself as one of WPD’s officers by name.

“The name used by the caller is legitimately one of our police officers,” the Webster Police Department stated in a Facebook warning to residents.

According to the WPD warning, the caller told the Penfield resident that there was a social security number issue that could only be resolved if a payment was made in the form of gift cards and bitcoin.

“This is a scam!” WPD emphasized in the warning. “Webster Police Officers will NEVER ask for, demand, or threaten you for gift cards, bitcoin, or any other form of payment. Our officers may call you to inform you of a warrant for your arrest, but we will never ask for money in lieu of an arrest. In the past, cash bail could be secured by the Sergeant (with receipt provided) for low level crimes, but bail reform [laws] have changed that practice significantly.”

The Webster Police Department is currently coordinating with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the reported scam.

If you or someone you know has questions about a call you’ve received from any member of the Webster Police Department, call the department at (585) 872-1216. You may also go to the Webster Police Department in person at 1000 Ridge Road (located at the back of Webster Town Hall).

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