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NEQALS signs construction contract for new Jackson Road base

An official ‘ground raising’ ceremony is forthcoming



Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support (NEQALS) signed the construction contract with Maloney Construction for the new NEQALS base on Jackson Road on August 31.

In December 2014, NEQALS purchased a parcel from the Ukranian Club of Rochester to build a base. After almost six years, NEQALS finally signed the construction contract with Maloney Construction to build their new Emergency Medical Services Base at 1030 Jackson Road.

Community donations and a grant from Senator Pam Helming’s office have helped NEQALS secure funds for the downpayment for the project. With these funds, NEQALS was able to receive plan approval and proceed with financing through Northwest Bank.

Discussions about a new base began almost 15 years ago, according to Syed Ahmed Mustafa, now president/CEO of NEQALS. At the time, Mustafa was Chief Paramedic when he sat down with Wayne LeChase at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Empire Boulevard.

“I wanted to bounce some design ideas [off of] Mr. LeChase, knowing he’d give us good advice to help us save cost,” said Mustafa.

NEQALS hopes construction, which includes adding several thousand yards of soil to raise the lot to allow for proper water drainage, will begin in a few weeks.

“Unlike typical projects where there is a ground breaking, in our case, we’ll be having a ground raising ceremony,” Mustafa said.

There is not yet a set date for the “Ground Raising” ceremony. Once a date is on the books, the community and local officials will be invited to join NEQALS, its board of directors, and staff in a ceremonial kickstart to the project.

Building design for the new base was completed by Labella Associates. Harris Beach has contributed legal support.

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