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Name that Webster Building!

A Webster History Mystery



Are you ready for this month’s “History Mystery”?

The answer to last month’s History Mystery (What Is It Now? The Webster Hotel): Smith Insurance, 4 East Main Street in the Village of Webster.

For this month’s “History Mystery,” read the historical description below for this “mystery building” and see if you can guess what building it was (and still is)!


It was built in 1857 by church members.

The cobblestones were collected by members of the church from the shores of Lake Ontario.

Each stone was passed through a hole in a board to ensure it was the right size.

It is located in the Village of Webster and today looks virtually identical to how it did in the past.

Do you know the answer? Submit your guesses to editor@websteronlinenews.com or share your guesses in the comments below.

("History Mysteries" are put together with the help of the Webster Museum.)

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