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How to navigate Monroe County’s BOE site

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Webster, NY - As you’re likely aware, there are a few Town and Village of Webster seats up for grabs in this year’s Primary and General Elections. But how do you stay on top of all the important information you need about your local elections to help you be an informed citizen?

The Monroe County Board of Elections (BOE) website has all the information on each town and village election in Monroe County, including which elected offices are at their expired term and how to apply for an absentee ballot.

Below is a brief guide on how to navigate the Monroe County BOE website and find everything you need to know about Webster’s upcoming elections.

How to Navigate the Monroe County BOE Website

First things first: go to the Monroe County BOE website. (URL: https://www.monroecounty.gov/elections)

When you get there, you will see a lot of information on the main page with a number of links. Here’s a breakdown of each item.

2021 Offices To Be Elected

There is a large blue button that says “2021 Offices To Be Elected.”


Click this button and you will be directed to a PDF page listing all the offices for towns and villages in Monroe County that are up for election, as well Primary and General Election dates.

2021 Political Handbook

Directly below the “2021 Offices To Be Elected” button, there is a blue link that says “2021 Political Handbook.” In addition to other useful information, this handbook lets you view all town and village officials currently holding office, their terms, and when their terms expire.

For your convenience, the Town of Webster info is on page 36 and the Village of Webster info is on page 40.

NYS 2021 Political Calendar

It’s of course important to know the dates of the Primary and General Election, but there are other important dates involved in the election process as well.

To keep up with these dates, you can view the NYS 2021 Political Calendar (link located directly below “2021 Politcal Handbook”).

Dates for voter registration, change of enrollment, absentee voting, military/special federal voting, canvassing, and more are located here.

Downloadable Forms


You will notice a blue box with a list of downloadable forms. These include:

Register to Vote


Towards the top of the page, you probably noticed the red box with information about the BOE’s Voter App. In that box, there are links for the following:

Other Election Info

You’ll notice information for the NYS Board of Elections on this page as well. In addition to address and contact information, there is a link to the NYS Board of Elections.

Directly below that link is a link to a document listing Board of Elections materials available for purchase.

The Monroe County BOE page also includes information such as the following:

  • “What is a Primary Election?”

  • “What is a General Election?”

  • Monroe County Voting District Maps

  • Contact info for the Monroe County Board of Elections

Once the candidates to appear on the 2021 ballot are finalized, the Monroe County BOE site is also where you can view a sample ballot.

Congratulations! You now have the basic tools for becoming an informed Webster citizen during the 2021 Primary and General Elections!

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