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How to enjoy Webster parks while also practicing social distancing

Tips from New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation


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Although all Webster playgrounds are closed, the town’s Open Space, parks, and trails are still open and available to the public. But how can you make sure you’re still adhering to social distancing guidelines while you’re enjoying the fresh air? New York State shares the following social distancing tips for anyone who wants to enjoy their local parks during COVID-19. Stay Local “Enjoy outdoor spaces close to home and keep visits short,” says NYS Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. “Avoid traveling to high-traffic destinations.” Which Webster park is closest to you? Go Small and Be Ready “Avoid crowds and groups,” says NYS. “Enjoy your visit, but understand it is best to do so solo or with those in your immediate household.”

“Move quickly through areas where people congregate such as parking lots, trailheads, and scenic overlooks,” NYS also advises. “If crowds are forming, choose a different park, trail, or return another day/time.” Take a look around the Webster park you’re visiting to see how populated it is. If there are a lot of people or groups, consider going to a different park or come back at a different time when there are fewer people. If there are very few to no people, you’re in the clear! Be Safe “Maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. While on trails, alert other users of your presence as you pass, and step aside to let others pass,” says NYS. That’s not to say you can’t offer a friendly “Hello!” to the fellow Websterites you may pass by on a trail or at a park. Simply be aware of the physical distance between you and maintain that 6-foot parameter. And, of course, if you aren’t feeling well, NYS strongly urges you to stay home. “Those 70 and older or from a vulnerable population should postpone visiting,” NYS advises. “If you are not feeling well, stay home.” As long as you remember these key tips from NYS, there’s no reason you can’t (safely) enjoy Webster’s parks, trails, and Open Space. Stay healthy, Webster!

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