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Helicopter drops candy for 4th graders

DeWitt Road students have outdoor fun while social distancing



After months of quarantine and social distancing, people may be feeling a bit restless - especially children, who have been out of school and away from their friends. So the Mercone family and John Casciani decided to give some 4th graders a little fun.

On June 14, the Mercone family and John Casciani treated Brandi Daniels Minnamo’s 4th grade class from Webster’s DeWitt Road Elementary School to a day of outdoor fun. The Mercones treated each child to a free Snowie Ice and then Casciani surprised everyone by dropping 60 pounds of candy from his helicopter.

The kids were able to enjoy a great day outside, all while maintaining social distancing.

Minnamo shared the story via Facebook.

“The generosity and kindness of John Casciani and the Mercones made for a positive, memorable end to a difficult year,” said Minnamo.

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