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Flush Responsibly

Town sewer department issues ‘Urgent Notice’ reminding residents to ONLY flush waste, toilet paper during COVID-19


It sounds silly to think about during the national COVID-19 crisis, but it’s still important to remember, especially when trying to keep the virus from spreading…

The Town of Webster Sewer Department issued an “Urgent Notice” on social media reminding residents, especially during “this time of crisis,” to ONLY flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

“PLEASE do not dispose of ‘flushable wipes,’ sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, tissue, rags, or grease of any kind,” the notice reads. “This WILL clog the system and WILL cause a backup in your home and surrounding homes.”

“With the CDC being unsure of how long the COVID-19 virus stays in human feces, we want to be sure to protect our employees and the health of your family. Please remember if you get a backup in your home from the sanitary sewers, it most likely is not just coming from your own home; it could be from your neighborhood homes also.”
“It is imperative that everyone follows these guidelines to keep our system running and our community safe.”

Residents who have any questions regarding the town sewer system can direct their questions to (585) 265-0505.

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