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Federal judge sentences Richard Wilbern to life in prison

Wilbern was previously found guilty for the 2003 robbery and fatal shooting at Webster’s Xerox Federal Credit Union



Federal Judge Charles Siragusa has sentenced Richard Wilbern to life in prison for Wilbern's involvement in the 2003 robbery and fatal shooting that occurred at the Xerox Federal Credit Union in Webster.

Wilbern, 60, is a former Xerox employee deemed guilty for stealing $10,000 in cash and fatally shooting fellow Xerox employee Raymond Batzel, 51, in the process.

Security camera footage of the incident showed a man, later identified as Wilbern, entering the federal credit union wearing a falsified FBI jacket, sunglasses, and a wig.

In addition to uncovered facts and DNA evidence, the testimony of one of Wilbern’s close friends, who identified Wilbern in the footage, ultimately led to the defendant’s final sentencing.

Wilbern was first arrested and charged back in 2016.

“The Webster Police Department is sincerely thankful for the dedication and commitment of the US Attorney's Office and our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners over the last 17 years,” Webster PD stated in a Facebook post. “Many people helped bring this case to a conclusion and we appreciate each and every person’s efforts.”

It concluded, “We are keeping the family of Raymond Batzel and all others affected by this crime in our thoughts.”

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