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Facebook group allows community to ‘Adopt a Senior’

A creative way to show support to Webster’s high school seniors from home

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Source: Webster Central Schools Facebook Page


Now there’s a way to congratulate Webster high school seniors in a special way - without having to violate social distancing measures. There is a Facebook group called “Adopt a Senior” that allows the Webster community to share a kind message of support to help the Class of 2020 celebrate their academic accomplishments, even without a commencement ceremony.

A few Webster residents have joined together to create a Facebook group that allows anyone to “adopt” either a random senior or a senior they know. The group was created about two weeks ago and already has 1,092 members.

Due to COVID-19, many community events have had to be canceled or rescheduled - including high school graduation ceremonies. In addition, seniors have not been able to celebrate with commemorative graduation parties consisting of large gatherings of friends and family due to quarantine efforts.

As a result, the community is getting creative.

“Adopt” has no formal description; it can mean anything from sending a care package to sending supportive messages. Anything to help Webster seniors graduate high school in a memorable way, reminding them that it is a significant accomplishment and that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The “About” section of the Facebook group reads as follows:

“This year has been very challenging for everyone, especially our graduating class. They have missed out on many traditional high school experiences such as sporting events, spending time with friends with whom they will soon be leaving behind when they go off into the world, senior ball, walking the stage at Graduation, and sadly, graduation parties that have not yet been celebrated. ‘Adopt a Senior’ websites are popping up to help our seniors celebrate their senior year and accomplishments.”

There is no minimum or maximum spending amount, nor any mandatory purchase items.

“This is something to have FUN with!” the group states.

Residents are also welcome to share the names and pictures of seniors they would like to have “adopted.”

Group members are asked not to share any demographic information on the main timeline, but rather through private Facebook messages. The group is not affiliated with Webster Central School District.

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