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Daniel Webster to turn 240 years old!

The man after whom the Town of Webster is named has a birthday coming up

Daniel Webster. (Photo Courtesy of the Webster Museum)



(Submitted By the Webster Museum)


Webster, NY - That’s a great many candles on a great big cake, should you celebrate traditionally!

Daniel Webster never visited Webster during his 70 years on earth. However, he did speak in Rochester at a fortuitous time around 1840, just when North Penfield was looking for a new name. In attendance at Webster’s speech, and inspired by his message and his eloquence, were several North Penfield residents who decided to propose his name for the new town; hence, the Town of Webster was born and named in 1840.

A year later, Daniel resigned as Senator and became Secretary of State for the first time, resolving some long-standing disputes with England that facilitated westward expansion.

He would continue this work, as well as domestic and trade issues, through a second term as Secretary of State.

Webster died in office in 1852. Our town, his namesake, continues to grow and thrive bearing his name.

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