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County Legislator Matthew Terp co-sponsors bi-partisan legislation to promote diversity

Proposed legislation will encourage and increase diversity in hiring practices throughout Monroe County



The Office of the Monroe County Legislature recently announced that county legislators Ernest Flagler-Mitchell and Matthew Terp have co-sponsored a bi-partisan legislation intended to promote diversity. The proposed legislation will create a Diversity Action Plan (DAP) and Diversity Action Plan Advisory Committee in Monroe County.

The DAP, according to the county legislature, will “encourage and increase diversity in hiring practices within Monroe County.”

In addition, the DAP will develop a program to “promote the professional development with an eye towards growth, retention, and leadership.”

With all the struggles facing diversity, not just within Monroe County but also throughout the country, one might wonder how the legislation will ensure the goals of the DAP are met. According to the official news release, the results of the DAP will be “reported annually” to the County Legislature to “monitor goals and update benchmarking.”

Will this proposed legislation help instigate more diversity practices in Monroe County? Only time will tell…

As for the advisory committee, it will be responsible for overseeing the DAP and working with county agencies “in developing and amending action plans.”

Two Monroe County Legislators, two citizen members, and a Diversity Officer appointed by the County Executive will make up the committee.

Terp, who co-sponsored the proposed legislation, represents the 8th District, serving a majority of the Town and all of the Village of Webster.

“I’m proud to have co-sponsored this legislation to promote inclusivity in County agencies,” Terp shared in the county’s press release. “It’s important that workplaces in both the private and public sector - especially County government - have a workforce that is representative of the community where they are located. The Diversity Action Plan aims to address this goal, and the creation of the advisory committee will provide oversight into the future.”

The proposed bi-partisan legislation was submitted on July 13. It will be referred to the appropriate legislative committee(s) and considered for adoption at the Monroe County Legislature meeting on August 11.

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