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Charlie’s Restaurant’s QR codes streamline curbside service

The popular Webster family restaurant prioritizes customer health

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Webster, NY - If you haven’t already heard, Charlie’s Restaurant in Webster is using QR codes to streamline its curbside service. The restaurant first began using these QR codes at the end of November.

With COVID-19 making it more challenging to offer food services in safer, no-contact ways, restaurants have been using takeout, curbside, and apps like DoorDash.

While Charlie’s also offers these different methods for ordering food, the QR system offers yet another safe option.

How It Works

  • Pull into one of the designated spots in the Charlie’s parking lot.

  • iOS (Apple) phone users can point their camera at the QR code, and a link will pop up.

  • Android users need to download and use an app like Google Lens to capture the QR code and then click on the link.

  • Order through the restaurant’s online menu and wait for the food to be delivered to your car.

It’s as simple as that!

According to Katie Riedels Perkins, one of the three Riedel children who helps run the family business, the idea for the QR codes came from her brother, Craig, who she says is “constantly thinking of new ways to help customers order.”

“Our POS system offers table ordering via QR codes, and he had the brilliant idea to make the QR code bigger and put it on a parking spot!” Katie told Webster Online.

So now Charlie’s offers the following options:

  • Walk in and order in the restaurant’s lobby. (The kitchen and counter are now sealed off to protect customers and employees.)

  • Order via phone call.

  • Order online at charlieswebster.com.

  • Use the QR codes to order.

Customers can pick up their orders by going inside to grab it or by pulling into one of the designated curbside spots and texting to the restaurant their name and parking spot number, and someone will bring the food out to their car.

“We are very close to several Orange Zones, and given our ability to easily convert to takeout only, we felt it was in the community's best interest to close our indoor dining,” said Katie. “But we miss having customers in here.”

Katie says Charlie’s struggled - just as most businesses struggled - to adjust to the pandemic back when it started spreading back in March.

“But we are fortunate enough to have great employees, and a great team of leaders who are committed to problem solving and driving innovation to keep us afloat,” said Katie. “Every day presents a new challenge, but I think that's what small business is really all about, ya know?”

Webster Online asked Katie if Charlie’s will continue using its QR system even after the pandemic is over.

“That's a great question! I don't see why not, it just may be scaled back once things return to normal,” said Katie. “The pandemic has forced us to grow and change in ways that we never really thought possible, especially with technology. I'm excited to see what the post-pandemic Charlie's will look like!”

Bottom line, Katie says safety is the priority, and Charlie’s has been fortunate enough to be able to continue serving its customers safely.

“Local businesses and restaurants have to find that balance between serving the community and protecting the community,” said Katie. “We are lucky to have a business that translates to takeout-only in this COVID landscape, but others aren't so lucky.”

She added, “I guess our message would be to stay safe, protect each other, and support local business when possible.”

Charlie’s was founded in 1969 by Charlie Riedel (who is now 92 years young). His son Jeff now runs the business with his three children (Craig, Erin, and Katie). Charlie’s is a local burger restaurant, specializing in delicious fast food, the famous “Charlie's Plates,” and fish frys. There are a total of three locations: Empire Blvd. in Webster, Route 104 in Ontario, and Routes 5 and 20 in Canandaigua.

At this time, only the Webster location is using the QR code system.

The Charlie’s Restaurant in Webster is located at 1843 Empire Blvd.

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