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A Webster bike route mystery solved (mostly)

By Webster on the Web

Photo Courtesy of Missy Rosenberry


Sometimes the most interesting journey can begin with a simple question.

The journey I want to tell you about today began for me in July, when I’d stopped by the Webster Museum. I noticed a blue and yellow metal sign in the exhibit right inside the front door, next to the tall antique bike. It read, “James W. Carnevale Bike Route.”

I asked one of the Museum Ladies, “Who’s James W. Carnevale?” She thought for a second, then responded, “I don’t know.”

Thus began my quest. I knew I had to find out who Carnevale was, why a bike route was named after him, and where that bike route was.

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Missy Rosenberry has been writing the "Webster on the Web" community blog since 2008. She highlights the great people, places and events that make our town a wonderful place to live and work. Click here to read more of her blogs.

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