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A Few Town Items…

Fishing/Hunting Licenses, Reopening of Webster Recreation Fitness Center, and a Recent Incident at Hojack Trail



There are a couple of news items that are worth noting in the Town of Webster…

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

The Town of Webster is not issuing hunting or fishing licenses at this time.

Residents who are seeking either of these licenses should look to the towns of Ontario or Irondequoit, or local Walmart stores.

Reopening of the Webster Recreation Center

The fitness center at the Webster Recreation Center is planning to reopen to the public soon, as fitness centers are permitted to open as early as August 24. The Webster center says it is currently finalizing a few modifications to its HVAC system as well as “creating as much space as possible in the fitness center.”

The Webster Recreation Center advises residents to do the following:

“In the next few days, please familiarize yourself with the online registration process as we will be having members ‘sign up’ for workout times to keep our facility enrollment within the 33% capacity requirement. There is a step by step worksheet on the Parks and Recreation home page explaining the process to using the online registration system. Once we are approved to be open, we will ‘open’ registration. We will be offering a limited number of fitness classes in the facility and as we monitor the response we will add to the schedule when possible. Please go here for these details: www.ci.webster.ny.us/104/Parks-Recreation

So stay tuned, all you Webster fitness folks!

A Recent Incident at Hojack Trail

Very recently, someone reported that a white male in his 40s attempted to grab an 8-year-old girl on a bike along Hojack Trail near Klem Road.

This report, no doubt, was very concerning for all Webster parents. However, Webster Police Officers checked the area and said they found “no one matching the description of the male.”

After interviewing the children who were all present during the incident, officers believe the children were most likely riding their bikes “very close to someone walking on the Hojack Trail,” which may have caused “inadvertent contact” between the other rider and the children.

“Based upon their investigation, officers do not believe that there was an attempt to grab or kidnap the children,” the Town of Webster shared on Facebook on behalf of the Webster Police Department. “We commend these young people for telling a trusted adult about something that made them feel uncomfortable or scared. Likewise, we are glad that the adult called 911 and alerted our officers to the situation.”

While the aforementioned incident may have been a false alarm, parents and guardians are reminded to always be alert when their children are out and about.

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